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Enterprise Vision
To be one of the best partners in the field of Aromatic fluorides in China.

Enterprise Mission
Working hard for a healthier and better life for people all over the world.

Development Strategy
Take the aromatic fluoride products as the foundation, devotes in the development in the agricultural chemicals and the medicine field. Take the science and technology, the talented person, the culture as the basic strategies, leads the enterprise long-term sustainable development. The breakthrough, forms gradually north with steady steps first-class, domestic first-class, as well as establishes the long-term partner relations with the international first-class transnational enterprise. 

Core Values
Integrity, Hardworking and thrifty, Innovation, All win. 

Enterprise Spirit
Devotion to duty, Mutual concern and love ,Active commnication, Harmonious development 

Management Principle
Clear Expectations, Stick to Plans, Quick and fine, Implementation in place.